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In May 2023, the highly anticipated pilot issue of MAJIN Magazine was launched by its sister model and talent agency—Majin Scouting. The launch took place in Berlin at ACUD MACHT NEU with performances and music by TEMPLE RAT, EURO EYEZ, SOYKLO & TAKT130.

MAJIN Magazine intends to be a force for change; a voice telling the unique stories of marginalised people and places around the world. Focusing in particular on issues of diversity and sustainability, MAJIN intends to highlight the issues and stories that have otherwise gone untold in mainstream media.In its pilot issue, MAJIN will focus on the unseen people oft he global fashion industry, with a particular emphasis on Asia. From the queer youth community of the Philippines to Bangkok’s vibrant underground party scene, MAJIN will be deep into the culture that doesn’t always get the spotlight it deserves. Tapping into its roots and connections with model agencies, MAJIN will also feature a series of interviews with model agents and directors—based in places such as London and Cairo—who are pushing the boundaries of casting, and showcasing a diverse range of individuals from all genders and ethnicities.With highly-curated content and a passion for representing a truly inclusive portrait of the industry, MAJIN promises tobe a refreshing addition to the world of printed media. In the words of publisher Jeehye Lee, the Berlin-based model and founder of Majin Scouting, “By looking behind the scenes of fashion, it is clear how far the industry is from being inclusive and sustainable. With Majin, we want to highlight and support those who do not benefit from today’s industry structure, and decentralise fashion by discovering local communities and talents outside the main fashion capitals.”